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1/27/2022 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Notice and call for Fire Service Dues for 2022

ImageYour invited to attend our annual meeting Saturday February 26, 10:00 a.m. at Station 1 opposite 3-Mile Junction on Hwy 2. Everyone welcome, refreshments to follow!

The annual meeting is where the budget for the year is presented and board positions are filled as needed, it is also an important time for members to suggest ideas for improvements they would like to see in our community or voice concerns they may have.

On the Agenda

  • Reports from the Treasurer on 2021's expenditures.
  • Report from Fire Chief on 2021 activities, calls and events.
  • Recognition of Firefighter accomplishments.
  • Presentation of the 2022 budget.
  • Election of board members. Two seats up for election, all 3 year terms. Nominations (or volunteers to stand for election will be taken from the floor).

We have gone to a 3 year term for all board member positions. You must be a paid member in 2021 in order to vote. Ballots will only be given to paid members at the door. If you have paid $250.00 or more in dues to North Bench Vol Fire District, you will be given two ballots per membership.

Same dues schedule. Invoices will be sent out shortly.

Dues Schedule Cost
Private Residence & Farm up to 125 contiguous acres $135.00
Every additional non-contiguous vacant piece of land owned $27.00
Home Business/Residence combo under 125 acres $189.00
Private Residence & Farm over 125 - 500 contiguous acres $243.00
Acreage no structures up to 20 acres $43.00
Acreage no structures 21-125 contiguous acres $81.00
Acreage no structures 126-500 contiguous acres $108.00
Acreage with structures up to 20 acres $65.00
Acreage with structures 21-125 contiguous acres $108.00
Acreage with structures 126-500 contiguous acres $189.00
Any parcels over 500 contiguous acres $270.00
Commercial Businesses $243.00

NOTE: These fees are per property covered, not per member. Only one category will be applied to any given property. Call the office if you have any questions, please.

Thanks to all current members for your support. We invite all non-members to join the association to help us ensure the best fire service possible.


NBVFD has switched to an invoice system where the exact amount due by each property owner is indicated (since some own multiple properties). Once you receive your invoice in the next month or so, you can pay online at our websiteHere, or just complete and return the invoice with your payment. Dues can also be paid in person using the lock box at Station #1 on Hwy 2, Youngwirth CPA downtown, or at Mead's Equipment & Diesel on Hwy 95.


NON-Member Charges: Cost
Per hour charge for each fire or rescue vehicle responding $86.00 (minimum) and up.
Any damaged or destroyed equipment will be billed at the replacement or repair cost.

These standard rates for non-members are necessary in order to be fair to those who support the NBVFD by paying the yearly dues. All balances that remain due thirty (30) days after the billing date will be charged interest at one and a half percent (1.5%) per month, until paid in full. The State of Idaho Legislation now supports the collection of unpaid charges.

Questions? Please Contact:

Gus Jackson: Fire Chief
(208)267-8674 (Station 1)


Greg Mead: Treasurer

Thank you! - from all of us at NBVFD.