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6/19/2019 Wildfire Safety: Home Assessments

Image Wildfires across the United States have taken more than 100 lives and cost more than $25 billion dollars in property losses in just the last two years. That’s why it’s so important to take steps to improve the wildfire safety of your home and community now. The Boundary County Fire Prevention Cooperative (the Coop) would like to offer advice to landowners who are seeking to prepare their home to withstand a wildfire.

The Coop is comprised of members from the all the fire agencies in the county, working cooperatively together to reduce the occurrence and impact of human-caused structure and wildland fires. Recently, members of the Coop attended a training session to learn about the latest research into why homes burn during wildfires, as well as steps landowners can take to reduce the risk of loss in the event of a wildfire. Landowners are encouraged to be prepared their home to withstand a wildfire without the firefighters on scene, as destructive fires often ignite and spread very quickly before firefighters are able to respond. Many of the most effective steps landowners can take are relatively simple and easy to implement, such as removing needles and debris from gutter and roofs and creating a non-combustible zone around the foundation of their home. Others are more involved, and may require remodeling with fire-resistant building materials. Members of the Coop would like to assist landowners in developing a prioritized list of activities they can implement to protect their home.

To schedule a home assessment visit with a Coop representative, contact your local fire department or the Idaho Department of Lands at 208-267-5577. Alternatively, homeowners can complete the following form: Fire Safety Home Assessment Contact Information. The time to prepare for wildfire is now. Let the Coop show you how.

- Boundary County Fire Prevention Cooperative

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