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The Benefits

All firefighter certs are paid over a three year period upon completion and are as follows

  • Yearly clothing allotment
  • Training & response reimbursement
  • Free training and classes
  • Free Dues if you live within North Bench fire district

Learn the Skills

We teach the skills and techniques necessary to effectively fight wildland and structure fires, as well as emergency medical and vehicle rescue.

  • Structural Firefighting
  • Wildland Firefighting
  • Emergency medical services
  • Engine company operations
  • Haz-Mat emergency response
  • Vehicle rescue/extrication
  • Live fire training
  • Fire risk assessments

Local and regional training events are held year round, this list is only a partial list of many the classes taught.


Become a Leader

Our goal is to ensure every Firefighter gains the ability to make critical decisions during the most important moments of life.

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Dependability
  • Rational decision making
  • Initiative
  • Courage
  • Team work
  • Build friendships and network with others

By inspiring these qualities in our team members, we help to create leaders. Leaders in the field and in our community.

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Be part of our Team

So as you look at the firefighter with his rake, hose or axe, His beet red face or ice covered mustache, You should know why he goes through that smoky front door, And is forced to crawl like a baby down on the floor. He does it to save both lives and property, All that is precious to you and to me. So take a good look at this modern warrior who serves his call proud and true, And know that he would die just to save me and you.

~Robert J. Athans


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Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us any time, we are more then happy to answer all you're questions about volunteering.

Email Address: Email

Phone Number: (208) 267-8674

Or if you would like to visit our meetings and experience what we are about, please feel free to come to our weekly training event at Station 1 every Thursday at 6PM.

Address: 64464 highway 2 East/3 Mile Bonners Ferry, ID 83805.